2022 Universal registration document

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Cofinimmo is publishing its universal registration document in accordance with the ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) reporting requirements. As per ESEF requirements, the primary financial statements have been labelled with XBRL tags. Compliance with the ESEF RTS (Regulatory Technical Standard) have been verified by Deloitte.
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  • History

  • About Cofinimmo

  • Risk factors

  • Preliminary remarks

  • Management report

  •   Mission

  •   Strategy

  •   Key figures as at 31.12.2022

  •   Transactions & achievements in 2022

  •   Caring

  •   Living

  •   Working

  •   Composition of the consolidated portfolio

  •   Financial resources management

  •   Summary of the consolidated accounts

  •   Appropriation of statutory profits

  •   Events after 31.12.2022

  •   2023 outlook

  •   Statutory auditor’s report on the forecasts

  • ESG report

  •   Committed for almost 15 years to a global ESG strategy

  •   Major trends and their impacts on the ESG strategy

  •   Life cycle management at the heart of the value chain

  •   Stakeholder dialogue as driver for transition

  •   Environment

  •   Social

  •   Governance

  • Property report

  •   Consolidated real estate portfolio

  •   Market commentary

  •   Independent real estate valuers’ report

  • Cofinimmo on the stock market

  • Data according to the EPRA principle

  • Corporate governance statement

  •   Decision-making bodies

  •   Rules and procedures

  •   Information required under article 34 of the royal decree of 14.11.2007

  •   Remuneration report

  •   Other parties involved

  • Annual accounts

  •   Consolidated accounts

  •   Notes to the consolidated accounts

  •   Statutory auditor’s report on the consolidated financial statements

  •   Financial statutory statements

  •   Statutory auditor’s report on the financial statutory statements

  • Appendices to the ESG report

  •   EPRA performance indicators

  •   Dashboard

  •   Link between topics of Cofinimmo and SDGs

  •   GRI content index

  •   Auditor report

  • Cross-reference tables

  • Standing document

  • Glossary